About me

Grzegorz Simon-resident of Zielona Góra,the organiser and the originator of the cycle of expeditions: World Adventure; Asia 2012, America 2013, Antarctica 2019,

Entrepreneur, traveller, helicopter pilot, photographer, licensed racing driver.

Follower of the principle: Impossible does not exist, everything is possible!

I’ve participated in many spectacular events, rallies and expeditions which were held all around the world.


A few most important dates;

2013SGGO Project – AMERICA; Alasca -Buenos Aires route, 31 709 km travelled

2012 – SGGO Project – ASIA; Vladivostok -Zielona Gora route, 21 277 km travelled

2010 – Africa Eco Race; Morocco, West Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal

2009 – Dakar Rally, MAN TGA- racing pilot; Argentina, Chile

2005 – Rainforest Challenge Rally; Malaysia

Altogether 118 countries and territories worldwide which I’ve had a chance to visit!

And after all I am not going to make do with this number….:)

Dreams, passion, courage, determination – these are my features, it all starts with that.

No matter how, because there is one plan: to carry out another journey or expedition at the end/ around world!

To say that I’ve seen half of the world is considerable understatement 🙂