I am a traveler, it’s my passion. Often on the road, at airports around the world, often on a train, on a motorcycle or in a car. I discover and get to know the world… I invite you to join me on a journey with your spirit and heart. Together we will discover interesting places, meet new people, new flavors and … Each of these expeditions involves high logistic costs, hence my request – be an ambassador of the expedition.

Every liter of fuel you buy allows you to realize your dreams and this ambitious plan. Thanks to your help, it is possible to cover further kilometers of the road. I will return the favor by posting travel reports for you, through magical areas, where you will be able to taste a real adventure with me. The names of people and companies that support the expedition will be posted on the official website of the expedition – www.sggo.pl, as well as on social media.

Sponsors Refueling The World Adventure project assumes that all interested parties will be able to support my expedition by “refuelling” the car.